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Pinup of the week: Adora Batbrat

Posted by Dee-Ann On January - 31 - 2011
Styling & HMUA The Rockabella, Photo by Erika Zanatta Figabomba

I’m a total happy goth, complete with permanent vampire fangs and more. At my make up videos have been watched by over 4,6 million people and made me lots of new friends around the world. I also keep a blog and have a homepage. The blog have over 5000 pretty visitors every single day.
As I model I love doing all styles, but you don’t have to torture me to get me to admit I have a flare for the odd, goth and strange.
My music of choice is electro from the 80’s and foward. One of my favorite bands are my fellow countrymen; Covenant.
I like almost all electro music. As long as there is no guitarrs and real drums in it I will most likely shake my frail body to it!
I’ve been in two of Elegant Machinery’s musicvideos (where I also was a make up, hair and wardrobe stylist as well as a camera assistant) for example.
Since I’ve modelled for so many years I always do my best to keep it professional – but I must warn you – I can’t keep my pie hole shut and are always laughing, so I dearly recommend earplugs.
I’m thrilled to be a goth Rockabella model and is looking foward to sink my vampire teeth into it.

A Corpse Vanishes!

Posted by Bunny On January - 25 - 2011

A Corpse Vanishes” is a monster mashing surf rock smash! Their sound will have you tapping your feet and screaming with terror at the same time! Combining surf rock traditionalism with a punk edge, they have easily climbed to the top of the psychobilly heap! We had ourselves a little chat with Ian from the band and this is what he had to say!

Tell us the history of the band?

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Pinup of the week: Fraulein Schwarzch

Posted by Dee-Ann On January - 24 - 2011

Styling & HMUA The Rockabella, Photo by Erika Zanatta Figabomba

Born and raised in the city of cheese…Gouda!
My father listened to a lot of psychedelic rock, the beatles, the doors, pink floyd and this has influenced my in choice of musis today. I love to listen to metal, black metal, industrial, neofolk, Rob Zombie, Mortiis, Danzig, Johnny Cash, and many many more.
I don’t consider myself as a beautiful model, I just love modelling and especially for Rockabella’s. Besides the great result I can be sure I had a fun day. Modelling is my way of being creative.
My goals for the future: have more fun and have more ink!

Wicked Whiskey Under the Gun (album review)

Posted by Dee-Ann On January - 20 - 2011

Wicked Whiskey is a band from Boston MA, USA. They have been together about 2 years and have just released their debut album Under the Gun.

Most bands don’t want to be put in a labeled box. I don’t want to do that with this band either. They could fit in, in more than one music styles. (Neo) Rockabilly, country, psychobilly, rock (or did I just label them anyway?). You’ll be surprised by the variety of sounds, a spicy slapping bass treat, a lapsteel smoothy, acoustic guitar romance, even a song that starts as a ballad but turns out to be a rock song.

Under the Gun is my favorite surprise.

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Pinup of the week: Venus

Posted by Dee-Ann On January - 17 - 2011

Styling & HMUA The Rockabella, Photo by Erika Zanatta Figabomba

As long as I can remember I’ve felt the necessity to express my individuality in a unique way. It didn’t matter if it were through appearance, music or art, I always aimed at becoming my own living freakshow. At age 14 I started creating what would eventually be my on-stage persona “Venus on Drugs”, inspired from the music of my all time favorite band: The Velvet Underground.
With a love for a variety of styles, from Classical to Punk and from Rave to Pinup, I find it difficult to restrict myself to a specific genre, but I still think there is a certain constant element that is the core to the Venus on Drugs-style. It’s a style that is as sweet as it is sexual, as loving as it is confronting; it’s always at the extremes and nothing in between.
With Rockabella’s I’ve been able to expand this style even further, and hope to be able to apply this not only to modeling, but to music and on-stage performing as well.
This is the world I create: a psychedelic world of a Venus on Drugs that makes you eat poisoned cupcakes till I’m sure you’ll Love and Hallucinate.

Eric Pigors and his Toxic Toons!

Posted by Bunny On January - 11 - 2011

Eric Pigors is a talented artist, whose eccentric style defies you to simply label it “monster” or pin-up” art.   Check ’em out below!

First off, tell us about yourself and “Toxic Toons?”

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The Koffin Kats – Forever For Hire

Posted by Anita On January - 11 - 2011

If your resolution was to listen to better music this year (and it should’ve been) I’m here to help! How generous of me! Definitely because the Koffin Kats latest album “Forever For Hire” is catchy as hell and one of the best damn psychobilly albums I’ve heard in awhile. It truly is all killer, no filler. There’s not one song that I would skip through or that would make me cringe. All the elements of great rock n roll are here hard hitting drumbeats, catchy guitar hooks and rythmic bass.

Koffin Kats - Forever For Hire

If “rock” is going to survive in the 21st century, there should be more bands releasing more albums like this. If had to pick favourite songs, I’d go with “Wild Ride”, “Graveyard Tree Zero” and “Asylum”. Everything works so well in these songs, both the energetic music and lyrics that actually have something to say. Here’s a sample from “Asylum” “You just could’nt live by the rules, now you stay in the asylum.Ya could’nt fit in like we wanted but in here we can teach you. And if you can’t live by our rules then you’ll die in the asylum. I’m insane, so they say.” I also love the singing, which is important because there are styles of singing I can’t stand. For instance singers who sing through their nose or are too high pitched. Vic Viktor has the voice of a dark angel. No seriously, his singing fits seamlessly with this kind of music which is rare these days.
In some songs you can hear subtle influences from other genres like ska or country which I love because psychobilly was meant to be a blend of different sounds. If it works why the hell not throw it in there? It makes the album as a whole more interesting to hear and keeps this genre from going stale. If you love good rock and can’t seem to find any new stuff that gets you off, consider me the messenger. And the message is this, buy this album. And by all means, watch this band play live if you can. You will not regret it.

Latin Loosers!

Posted by drew On January - 8 - 2011

The Latin Loosers are a real rockabilly riot!   I had the chance to catch up with the band and get to know them.  Now is your chance!

Who makes up the line-up?

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Moonshine Gamblers

Posted by drew On January - 5 - 2011

The Moonshine Gamblers are a slick as hell r’n’r band from Europe!  Very much worthy of your attention as they plan on taking over the world with their own kick ass brand of rock! Check ’em out below!

1. First off, tell us the history of the band & who currently makes up the line-up?

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Pinup of the month: Miss Mandible

Posted by Dee-Ann On January - 1 - 2011


Model : Miss Mandible (
Photo : Jack Crockett of Truemark Photography (
MUAH : Bull’s Eye Makeup (
Wardrobe : Lisa Bundrick (of Truemark Photography)

A little about me : My name is Miss Mandible, a Graphic Designer (Miss Mandible), Crafter ( and Pin Up Model ( hailing from the Northwest. I love psychobilly and 80s punk, sci-fi / post-apocolyptic / dystopian films, tattoo & low-brow art, and comic books.


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