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Psycho Renaissance Presents: Joe Coleman

Posted by graham On November - 29 - 2010

Howdy, boys and girls! Welcome to the first installment of Psycho Renaissance, where every couple of weeks (or until I get shitcanned), I’ll be profiling artists who have a special moxie, a certain chutzpah, that can only be described as “psychobilly”. These folks are lean, mean, and crazy as hell so check ‘em out!

And so, without further ado, Psycho Renaissance presents:

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Koffin Kats

Posted by Anita On November - 27 - 2010

Here it is folks! What you’ve all been waiting for the Koffin Kats interview that took place live in Toronto, Canaduh! After years of being insanely jealous of American psychobilly fans who get to see such bands every other day; I finally got to see the Koffin Kats energetic live show. Finally a band that sings about death but does not look dead on the stage! That’s just my cup of tea! If it’s yours too then don’t miss their show if it’s in town. And with that said, it’s on to the interview!
The Koffin Kats are Vic Viktor, Ian and E Ball Walls

A: How would you describe your music for people who don’t have a clue?

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A Evening of Punk Blues at Ruta Maya

Posted by Bunny On November - 18 - 2010


I rolled up just in time to see “Treachery of Others” crank into an hour a half set of country rock.  Although many of their songs touched on the Austin music scene, I had never seen them before.  Their sound could be described as a mix of old school country and the space rock of the hippie jam bands.  Imagine if Phish produced an butt ugly kid with the Old 97’s and you’d have it about right.  Not really my thing, but their high level of energy infected me.  So soon I was rocking back and forth like a lost flower child drunk on Hank Williams Sr. 

After their set, Rockabilly Online’s very own Drew Edwards waltzed up on the stage.  Apparently the MC of the show, Edwards cut a handsome figure in a black western shirt and matching cowboy boots.  Always quick witted  he had the crowd cracking up at his jokes pretty quickly. Then he introduced the next band “Something Called Nothing.” 

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The Voodoo, The Vampire and The Zombie

Posted by Anita On November - 12 - 2010

Hey there…looking for a new comic series? Maybe with some manga influences? And some classic monsters? Then look no further then “Queen Voodoo”! And even if you’re not…look into it too, you may be pleasantly surprised…or not. Whichever, c’est la vie.

So what’s it about?
To put it simply it’s the heartwarming story about a Voodoo Queen and her zombie. There’s also stories about a group of ancient vampires and demons thrown in for good measure.
The series opens up in the 1950s in Vancouver, British Columbia and from there it’ll go on to many other times and places. This is only the beginning!! And every story needs a beginning so there you have it.

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Burning Condors

Posted by drew On November - 10 - 2010

Next to the U.S., the United Kingdom has probably had more impact on rock music than any other country.  Recently the Burning Condors stepped up to add to that legacy by unleashing their own brand of “punkabilly” on the world!

You’re based out of the UK, but your sound is very much rooted in American roots rock. Would you say that makes you stand out in the English music scene?

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69 Demented first recordings online!

Posted by Dee-Ann On November - 10 - 2010

Photo by Jeffrey Slangen


In September we were happy to announce that Sparky started a new band called 69Demented, with the guys of 69 Beavershot. Demented are Go are still performing, so no breakups, just more “Sparky-billy” fun ;-p 

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69 Beavershot – Maximum Rockabilly

Posted by Dee-Ann On November - 3 - 2010

A while ago we interviewed frontman of Demented Are Go, Sparky. He announced a collaboration with the guys from 69Beavershot. The songs they will produce will be a mix between old skool Demented and 69 Beavershot, so 69Demented will be the new band name.

A lot of psychobilly fans know how Demented Are Go sounds like. How about 69 Beavershot? I got a hold on their latest cd Maximum Rockabilly. It was released back in 2004 by Raucous Records.

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Pinup of the month: Naomi

Posted by Dee-Ann On November - 1 - 2010

Today we have our very first psycho.rockabilly-online pinup of the month: Naomi!

Photographer: Adam Reynolds

I’m Naomi Horrifik, horrific because I’m rather obsessed with all things horror related. I live in Canada and am a geek by day, pinup by night. I love dressing up, and the pinup look is my favorite. I mainly do pinup modeling for fun, as I have a blast getting my picture taken (I’m a self-proclaimed cam whore!), but I would love to one day make it on a tattoo mag, or even modeling for! Favorite things in life are fun times with friends, muscle cars, horror movies, tattoos but most especially laughing.

I am honored to be chosen the very first Pinup of the month for the subzine

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