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The Nematoads: Spy Car Mechanic

Posted by drew On October - 29 - 2010

“Spy Car Mechanic” is a relatively recent effort from Texas based hipsters “the Nematoads” and it’s a real winner.  With a jet black muscle car on the CD cover, I was smiling before I popped this bad boy into my player.  Its thundering intro entitled “Rex Dart: Eskimo Spy” had me imagining myself to be “Speed Racer” my whole way to work.

The sound is a quirky fusion of sci-fi tinged cowpunk and traditional surfabilly.  Sort of a Link Wray meets Dick Dale by way of the Cramps. But surf rock traditionalists need not feel left out by the punk influence.  The band rockets into a full tilt cover of “Misirlou” mid-way through the CD that is just top notch. Still, these boys like to keep it gonzo.   With song titles like “Jet Jaguar” and “No, Mr. Bond I expect you to Surf” one can almost picture this being the long lost sound track to a “Godzilla/007” crossover film.

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A real “freaky” show!

Posted by drew On October - 28 - 2010

The threat of rain and thunder loomed largely as I entered the Freak Show Festival last Saturday.  I got there just in time to see local act, The Blue Flames fill in for the conspicuously absent Devils Rose.  I must admit, for a moment, I was a bit nervous that Austin’s first stab at a big psychobilly show was going to be derailed before it really started.

My nerves however, were not shared by the Koffin Kats, who rolled onto stage an hour or so later like they owned the place.  And thanks to their energetic stage antics, they almost did.  With black clouds still above us, it would have almost seemed fitting for a down pour to start.  In the end, it only sprinkled.

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The Awful Dr. Orlof!

Posted by drew On October - 28 - 2010

“The Awful Dr. Orlof” represents an early effort by Jess Franco.  While it’s more polished than later efforts, he’s signature peversions are on full display. The plot concerns the titular mad doctor using a blind killer to kidnap voluptous young women.  The purpose. To graft their skin onto his disfigured sister! I guess the mad scientist union’s medical insurance doesn’t cover family members.

The movie stars Howard Vernon as Orlof and he’s a really game horror movie villain.  He’s got a face that looks like boiled beef and an overly nervous demeanor.  Yet, he still manages to ooze class even when he’s perving up a scene.  While being a Franco favorite, Vernon was never a top tier horror star like some of his contemporaries.  Which is a shame, because in a better world, the guy could have been another Vincent Price or Christopher Lee.

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The Ghost Storys!

Posted by drew On October - 25 - 2010

The Ghost Storys are “Neo-Psychobilly” from “Space City” Texas! What does that mean? Find out below!

Tell us some of the history behind the band?

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House of the Wolf Man

Posted by drew On October - 25 - 2010

“House of the Wolf Man” is an indie horror flick that probably escaped most people’s notice during it’s first release.  It came out around the same time as the remake of the original Wolf Man .  While it would be easy to label it a shameless attempt to cash on the brief interest in classic horror, it seems like it has it’s undead heart in the right place.  While it’s most overtly a homage to the great “monster rallies” of yore, it also pays visual homage to Everything from Monogram’s low rent horror flicks and Val Lewton’s classic gothic features.   It’s star is a very tangible link to classic horror, with a last name that sound perk interest in any monster buff. “Ron Chaney.”   Yes, that’s right, the great grandson of  the Man of a Thousand Face and the grandson of the original Wolfman himself.

I’ve seen Chaney criticized on various fan sites, but I think he’s quite good here.   He looks more like the late,great, Ernest Thesiger than either of the elder Chaneys, but has a much rougher stage presence.   I think with a little grooming, he’d make for a fine 21st century horror star.    A sort of “Hank III” of horror if you will.

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Posted by drew On October - 20 - 2010

This coming weekend, Austin Texas will neck deep in freaks, clowns, and ROCK AND ROLL!!  The first annual FREAKSHOW Festival is coming with some of the top names in psychobilly!  We thought it would be a killer idea to sit down and have a chat with one of the minds behind this event!

First off, tell us who you are, your background with festivals, and how you came to do this for a living?

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Interview with Texas horror punks ‘Livends’

Posted by Jodie On October - 13 - 2010

Photo taken by Crimskull

‘Tis the season for graveyards, rear windows and things that go bump in the night. It’s the time of year when the normal folk dust of their copies of ‘Halloween’ and give it a re-watch through their fingers.
But for some people, it’s just another month. Because horror is more than just a genre – it’s a lifestyle. They live and breathe it. And sometimes they even make sweet, sweet music about it.

The band ‘Livends’ know what I’m talkin’ ‘bout. I spoke with their lead singer ShCkrz about music, movies and serial killers.

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Los Bones!

Posted by drew On October - 2 - 2010

It’s October, which mean two things!  HALLOWEEN!  And that it’s the perfect time to interview some more awesome psychobilly bands!   Los Bones fuse psycho music with good ol’ horror punk in the style of the Misfits!  Check ’em out!
Give us a brief overview of the band’s history?

We started in ‘03 with the original members Joey and Jacko. Our guitar player Erick started a year later. We played a lot in the Red River district and the Parlor on North Loop. We get out to San Antonio, San Marcos, and Denton on occasion. We been through some drummers over the years but we are proud to say that Rich is playing for us now. Everybody knows him!
Who makes up the band’s line-up?

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