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Koffin Kats- Born of the Motor

Posted by Anita On November - 26 - 2013

Here it is! The latest album from Detroit’s Koffin Kats and what can I say? It fucking kicks so much ass it’s insane! Which is how it should be for a psychobilly band! The rhythm section is incredibly and absolutely solid, the guitar riffs are catchy as all hell and have the right amount of metal influence, and the over the top dramatic style of singing all of it creates the dark and twisted environment in which these songs live. It has to be mentioned, Vic’s voice is pitch perfect for this creepy style of music, it’s a dark opera of real life horror. Born of the Motor will definitely take you on a fucking ride starting from the first note of “All of Me is Gone”. “Lighting has struck once again”. Holy shit, no kidding! I can’t help but play air drums and sing along to this baby! And I am by no means, ashamed to admit it! This is what I wish every single album I listened to made me do. Why can’t they all be this good? And so on it goes with the next song “Under a Blue Sky”. “Giving Blood” is damn creepy in the best of ways and it’s impossible to not tap your toes at least. At least! Same with “Devil Tales” and you got to love the guitar on this one! So many awesome songs on this one including “The Team” which starts as a 50s style ballad and soon intertwines with Koffin Kats brand of epic punkabilly. It’s done so seamlessly and works so damn well. “Twist Apart” is so damn catchy and you can feel the music circling around you. The ground spins as the singing and music do. It just moves and feels so damn alive for a song about death. “Round and round you wanna go”. “Goodbye Blues” starts slow but ends with a bang! And yes, once again the drums provide a solid heartbeat. The guitar riffs have a nice hint of metal but not too much. Really words do it no justice, you have to take a listen to this work yourself.
It’s good to the last note ending with “Gone To See The World” which is a sweet Hawaiian influenced ode to the open road, to seeing the world. Something this hard working band has experience in to be sure. I must add that I think it’s brilliant that they explore the horror of real life and inject that aspect into most of their songs. It would be incredible with there were more bands like this one. I can only hope the Koffin Kats will be here with us to blow our minds for a while longer.

Koffin Kats-Born of the Motor

Koffin Kats-Born of the Motor

The Brains- Monster Within

Posted by Anita On April - 16 - 2013

Ladies and ghouls, are you ready for the new Brains album? You better be because here it is! Loud, fast and sweating blood from every pore these Montreal psychos are back with a vengeance. Among the songs that especially stand out to me are “Misery” which has nice and chunky rockabilly guitar riffs with the power of a lawnmower complete with a tighter than tight rhythm section composed of Pat Kadaver’s consistent drumbeats and Colin the Dead’s clacking stand up bass. And the icing on the cake is Rene De La Muerte’s haunting crooning and a chorus you’ll want to sing along to immediately. “The Damned” is amazing too with its musical changes throughout the song including parts where the guitar starts and stops in a brusque manner. As can be witnessed in this album, variety is definitely the spice of life. “Bleed” has some lovely upright bass work in its middle which shows off what the instrument can do with plenty of panache. “Electrik Shock” is insanely catchy and once again, you’ll find yourself tapping your toes and singing along even if you don’t know the lyrics yet. “Rest in Pieces” can only be described as epic psychobilly, images of classic horror movies like those pictured on the cover will flood your brain. “Cucaracha in Leather” is an amazingly well done instrumental interlude which to me is reminiscent of Rev. Horton Heat. You better believe that’s a compliment! “Devil in Disguise” and “Lies” will also have you shouting along with the chorus and shaking your culo if you happen to have a pulse.”Rolling Down” is love at first note, a song about the joys of the open road that instantly transmits that joy through music and lyrics. I must add though that I miss the songs in Spanish and French which also added something different to the mix. C’est la vie. But this is truly a solid work of horror punkabilly madness that is worth every cent in your moth bitten pocket. The blend of punk rock, rockabilly, surf, latin, and whatever the hell else they’re throwing in there is refreshing from the get go and will hold your attention till the last note is played. The absolutely gorgeous album artwork has to be commented on as well. It works perfectly with the music contained within the CD. Of course, you will always win me over with old school tattoo flash inspired art and a cover that looks like a classic horror flick poster complete with a tattooed babe in a red 50s style bathing suit. Perfect! Don’t wait another second and get yours today!

the brains- the monster within album cover

The Brains-The Monster Within

The Brains – Drunk not Dead

Posted by Rocky On October - 18 - 2012

Let me start by saying I knew the brains from their song “Screaming”. I loved the sound of the bass (of course), and the nice shot video clip( although the uncensored clip was a little dark!). You can call it a little darker side of psychobilly. The Brains are from Montreal, Canada. I got the package send to me, containing a CD and a nice poster. So I was pretty curious how this CD would sound. A summary of a few of the songs:

The intro, named Horseman, starts with rain and a drum solo. From there it immediately continues into the next song, four beast ride. Of course the song is talking about the four horseman of the apocalypse. The cd was off to a great start, I was curious for the rest.

“Take what I want” takes it a little less rough, it still sounds good! Proof that psychobilly doesn’t always have to be fast bass and lyrics you can’t hear. For the psycho’s that do love that in psychobilly, don’t worry, they are speeding up again with the next songs! “We are the Brains”, “Six Rounds, ”Oh Murder”, “Premonitions” and “High on Speed” definitely make your head bang, or wreck through the room! And I’m not even done with the track list. “Gato Calavera” and “Pourquoi Me Laisser” are in Spanish and French, I think, so I can’t really tell you much about those song, but they sound good, especially the last of the two. The cd ends with “I’m your nightmare” and “In League”. I must say I liked the guitar/bass combination in “I’m your nightmare”! And last, but not least, “In League”. A good end of a good CD!

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Demented Are Go – Welcome Back To Insanity Hall

Posted by Rocky On October - 16 - 2012

Demented Are Go, one of the first psychobilly bands, are back! Where you ask? Right back to Insanity Hall!

The Welsh psychobilly band, formed around 1982, are back in 2012 for their new album full with sick psychobilly and dirty rock and roll. When I was asked to review this album, I said that I already had it pre-ordered in march, so i already listened to it. Of course I ordered the vinyl, available in black, purple and nuclear green. Since its more their style i ordered the nuclear green one! And i also got a CD and a limited edition LP sleeve with the band on it! A short summary of some of the songs:

The intro takes you to insanity hall, and till the end your gonna stay there! Track 2, named the same as the album title, tells you your not getting out! A warm welcome to insanity hall.

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The Quakes- Planet Obscure

Posted by Anita On June - 15 - 2012

The brand spanking new Quakes album Planet Obscure gets started with a burst if energy. There’s the rockabilly twang guitar, an upright bass that clacks along and drums that provide a steady beat. There’s certainly a “pop” feel to some songs but still with that dark psychobilly edge that the band has had since its inception. It must be said the vocals sound different from those earlier albums. There’s more singing and not the more punk style of shouting the lyrics from before. This is to be expected from a band that’s been around as long as they have. The music definitely has to evolve even within genre constraints. Personally I prefer bands that release different sounding albums rather then rehashing the same thing over and over again which gets boring quick.
Some of the songs that I really enjoyed were “Walk Alone” which has a definite Western feel to it. The lyrics and music match so well. You can really feel the “lonely streets” Paul’s singing about.
“You’re a Joke” starts out like an 80s style pop song and turns into faster psychobilly beat only to slow down again. It’s interesting and addresses certain people and their judgmental attitudes.
“Anti-social Girl” I think this song was written about me! Hahaha! It really describes me to a T so how could I not like it? “She’s an anti-social girl
She lives in her own world
She won’t even give them the time of day”
And then there’s “Festa do Estica e Puxa” which is the icing on the cake! I love, love this instrumental song and could play it on repeat! Not only because it’s about Xuxa which was a children’s show from Brazil (shown all over Latin America) back in the 80s and early 90s. If you don’t know about Xuxa, you’re missing out amigo! Anyway, this song sounds like South America having a party which is basically all the time! The guitar drives the action froward, the drums provide a sharp, effective beat and there’s plenty of ska inspired bass rhythm. It’s fantastic! And there’s no need for more then the occasional “hey” being yelled out. This maybe the best tribute to Latin America by a gringo ever. And then things wind down nicely with “All About You” which also features a more ska/latin style of playing. This is good stuff especially with the hot summer months coming along. I say get it now, absolutamente.

The Quakes new album Planet Obscure

The Brains- Drunk Not Dead

Posted by Anita On December - 7 - 2011

This is it folks! It’s all here for your hearing pleasure, pounding drums, hooky guitar riffs, relentless rhythm from that upright bass…yes, it’s The Brains new album! It must be said that there are some insanely catchy songs on this one including “Take What I Want”, “Six Rounds” and “I’m Your Nightmare”.
They make the most effective use of a chorus that I’ve heard in awhile. I dare you to not sing along to these ditties! For that matter I’m willing to bet anything that you’ll get off your seat and start shaking your ass like its possessed by one of those ghosts they sing about. There’s also an interesting multi-lingual flavour to this album with a song in Spanish and in French. I can translate “Gato Calavera” into “Cat Skull” but you really don’t need to know that to enjoy the song!
And in case you haven’t heard apparently the video for “Take What I Want” was banned from Much Music (Canada’s so-called “music” channel) due to the depiction of violence against women. Funny, how they show videos of gangsta rappers every other hour showing far worse violence and misogyny. I love how they become the PC police when dealing with an obscure genre. Ahem, rant over. Anyway this latest outing by The Brains definitely shows how they’ve evolved as a band, keeping their unique sound but growing. This is what makes psychobilly great, it’s the best of both worlds. You can have your old school sounding crooning and slappin’ stand up bass along with the energy of some punk rock guitar riffs and the thudding heartbeat of the drums and add in any other musical influences you may have from metal to surf. Hell, I don’t care if it’s salsa or meringue! The more, the merrier! Definitely get “Drunk Not Dead” this holiday season for you and your loved and even not so loved ones.

The Brains are Drunk Not Dead

13 Black Coffins–Where the Dead Girls Go!

Posted by drew On June - 14 - 2011

Psychobilly is one of those been there, done that kind of genres.  Jaded fans start to feel like they’ve seen it all.  How does Houston’s 13 Black Coffins respond? By amping up the intensity. Already known as a ferocious live band, their new CD proves they can translate that rockabilly thunder into other mediums with ease.

Their sound is heavier than other bands in their genre. Not a jazzy kind of heavy, not even a metal kind of heavy.  I’m talking crazy, Iron Butterfly, psychedelic kind of heavy.  The sort of heavy that leaves you a little numb, but in a good way.  Front woman Melane Torres has an authoritative growl than brings to mind Tina Turner.  Throw in some surprisingly funky slap bass and you’ve got a pretty tasty stew.

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“Deadtown” –Self Titled

Posted by drew On May - 17 - 2011

“Deadtown” is one of the cornerstones of Austin’s growing post-psychobilly/metropabilly scene.  A small number of bands who believe that tradition and evolution need not contradict each other.  They’re also the first of the fore mentioned bands to get a CD out.   It’s only six songs long, but it still manages to be a solid kick in pants, aimed squarely at critics of the Austin scene.

The band’s sound leans heavily on the “billy” side of things, drawing  on both blues and bluegrass traditions.  They have just enough “rock” in them to be incredibly danceable.  Genre lines are blurred across the thumping bass provided by slapper Joe Deuce,  perfectly matching singer Julian Dossett’s “hobo growl.”  But not simply willing to recreate a by gone era, the sound offered up here is dare I say it…progressive?

Spooky,dusty, and playing off the darkness in the human soul. They manage to evoke the psychobilly genre without ever mentioning vampires or zombies. The natural creepiness of the rural south is coming through in these tunes.   One could easily imagine Leatherface’s cannibal clan doing a hillbilly jig to Deadtown’s sound.  It’s like someone stuck Social Distortion, Gene Vincent, Ralph Stanley,  and Tom Waits into a blender and plopped out their misshapen, rail riding, offspring.  If you’re not lucky enough to see Deadtown burning up the stage in Austin, this CD is the next best thing.  Pick it up as soon as you can.

Burning Condors: Welcome to the Players Club

Posted by drew On April - 21 - 2011

I interviewed these English lads a while back and they described themselves as “punkabilly.”   The phrasing brings to mind acts like the Cramps and the Meteors of course.  It’s a fair description.  Popping in their new CD, entitled “Welcome to the Player’s Club” I hear echos of groups like the Adicts and the Clash.  But, none of the kinkiness or b-movie imagery of Psychobilly is present.  Just plenty of distortion and thundering bass.

However, if I may throw in my own description, I feel like “Indiebilly” would be a more fitting turn of phrase.  These guys remind me  more of what Blur might have sounded like if they grew up worshiping Carl Perkins instead of the Beatles.  There’s also a heavy blues influence that draws to mind acts like the White Stripes.  Or even iconic British rockers, the Rolling Stones.   None of this works against the band.  Their sound is both retro and fresh at the same time. Rockabilly is certainly a very old “dog”, but the best bands can get it to wag it’s “tail.”  The Burning Condors get it to get up on it’s hind legs and boogie.

Their songs are short, sweet, and fun.  Much of the lyrics involving girls, partying, or sex.  The CD is certainly listenable and catchy.  In fact I listened to it all the way through, at least three times on my way to work one day. If I have one thing to bitch about, it’s that it is too short. At four songs, by the time I’m really getting into it, it’s all over. A bit of a drag I’ll admit. But I think we’ll be seeing more of these cats, hopefully with a full length.  On vinyl if you please.

“Whatever happened to rock ‘n’ roll” is the title of the new album by Mojokings. If that is a question, the answer would be: Mojokings are what happened to rock and roll. A perfect combination of garage, trash, psycho-rockabilly and hard rock and roll.

The cd is recorded at The Mill Studio in Winfarthing over the Summer and Autumn of 2010 and is to be released on March 4th 2011 on Bad Soul Records.

Superb guitarwork by Paul Scoulding and a pounding rhythmsection: Olly Simmonds on drums and Richard Scoulding on the double bass.

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Wicked Whiskey Under the Gun (album review)

Posted by Dee-Ann On January - 20 - 2011

Wicked Whiskey is a band from Boston MA, USA. They have been together about 2 years and have just released their debut album Under the Gun.

Most bands don’t want to be put in a labeled box. I don’t want to do that with this band either. They could fit in, in more than one music styles. (Neo) Rockabilly, country, psychobilly, rock (or did I just label them anyway?). You’ll be surprised by the variety of sounds, a spicy slapping bass treat, a lapsteel smoothy, acoustic guitar romance, even a song that starts as a ballad but turns out to be a rock song.

Under the Gun is my favorite surprise.

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The Koffin Kats – Forever For Hire

Posted by Anita On January - 11 - 2011

If your resolution was to listen to better music this year (and it should’ve been) I’m here to help! How generous of me! Definitely because the Koffin Kats latest album “Forever For Hire” is catchy as hell and one of the best damn psychobilly albums I’ve heard in awhile. It truly is all killer, no filler. There’s not one song that I would skip through or that would make me cringe. All the elements of great rock n roll are here hard hitting drumbeats, catchy guitar hooks and rythmic bass.

Koffin Kats - Forever For Hire

If “rock” is going to survive in the 21st century, there should be more bands releasing more albums like this. If had to pick favourite songs, I’d go with “Wild Ride”, “Graveyard Tree Zero” and “Asylum”. Everything works so well in these songs, both the energetic music and lyrics that actually have something to say. Here’s a sample from “Asylum” “You just could’nt live by the rules, now you stay in the asylum.Ya could’nt fit in like we wanted but in here we can teach you. And if you can’t live by our rules then you’ll die in the asylum. I’m insane, so they say.” I also love the singing, which is important because there are styles of singing I can’t stand. For instance singers who sing through their nose or are too high pitched. Vic Viktor has the voice of a dark angel. No seriously, his singing fits seamlessly with this kind of music which is rare these days.
In some songs you can hear subtle influences from other genres like ska or country which I love because psychobilly was meant to be a blend of different sounds. If it works why the hell not throw it in there? It makes the album as a whole more interesting to hear and keeps this genre from going stale. If you love good rock and can’t seem to find any new stuff that gets you off, consider me the messenger. And the message is this, buy this album. And by all means, watch this band play live if you can. You will not regret it.

69 Beavershot – Maximum Rockabilly

Posted by Dee-Ann On November - 3 - 2010

A while ago we interviewed frontman of Demented Are Go, Sparky. He announced a collaboration with the guys from 69Beavershot. The songs they will produce will be a mix between old skool Demented and 69 Beavershot, so 69Demented will be the new band name.

A lot of psychobilly fans know how Demented Are Go sounds like. How about 69 Beavershot? I got a hold on their latest cd Maximum Rockabilly. It was released back in 2004 by Raucous Records.

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The Nematoads: Spy Car Mechanic

Posted by drew On October - 29 - 2010

“Spy Car Mechanic” is a relatively recent effort from Texas based hipsters “the Nematoads” and it’s a real winner.  With a jet black muscle car on the CD cover, I was smiling before I popped this bad boy into my player.  Its thundering intro entitled “Rex Dart: Eskimo Spy” had me imagining myself to be “Speed Racer” my whole way to work.

The sound is a quirky fusion of sci-fi tinged cowpunk and traditional surfabilly.  Sort of a Link Wray meets Dick Dale by way of the Cramps. But surf rock traditionalists need not feel left out by the punk influence.  The band rockets into a full tilt cover of “Misirlou” mid-way through the CD that is just top notch. Still, these boys like to keep it gonzo.   With song titles like “Jet Jaguar” and “No, Mr. Bond I expect you to Surf” one can almost picture this being the long lost sound track to a “Godzilla/007” crossover film.

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Hotrod Hillbillies!

Posted by drew On September - 15 - 2010

The Hotrod Hillbillies are full throttle psycho music from Austin, Texas.  Playing a special blend of punk and rockabilly,  they’re ready to take over the Austin scene!  Find out more about them below!

Just who are the Hotrod Hillbillies?

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Punk Blues Review: Death or Glory

Posted by Bunny On September - 7 - 2010

Rock ‘n’ roll vixen turned pin-up model Jamie Bahr heads up a punkabilly outfit that can only be described as the Ramones meet Howlin’ Wolf. Steamy, sexy versions of classic like “I put a spell on you” and “Lil’ Red Ridin’ hood” will make you melt on the insides and tingle on the outsides. Backed by thundering guitar and thumping bass, this is one that will make you want to swing dance or mosh.

Death or Glory

I was amazed to learn that most of this group is actually from New York. Jamie sounds like the love child of Wanda Jackson and Lux Interior. The backing band has a really raw, swamp blues feel similar to the stuff “Jay” Miller produced only much, MUCH faster. Not bad for a bunch of Yankees really.

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