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The Raptors: ‘Your Dreams’ video release

Posted by Dee-Ann On May - 20 - 2019

The Raptors are a Glasgow based all-female 4 piece formed in early 2018. They play wild rock n roll and are inspired by the likes of Ramones, Runaways, New York Dolls, The Clash, Dead Moon, The Buzzcocks.
The band was started by Becca Murray (The Creeping Ivies) and Jane Lloyd (Fanny Pelmet and the Bastard Suits) and were shortly after joined by Jack Mata (Drums) and Juana Adcock (Bass).
They released a double single (Death Becomes Her/ Teen Witch) last year  and followed up a Christmas song (It’s Christmas (Have a Rock N Roll time)  which was released via Manchester label Cherryade records.
Their new double single It’s You / Your Dreams is has just been released and the band are currently gigging around the UK.

Filmed, Edited and Directed by Keith Gerrard.

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The Stoned Crows

Posted by Dee-Ann On June - 27 - 2018

Photographer Corri Chella

New young London Band in town playing, 60s Rhythm & Blues. Keaton Smout from The Stoned Crows tells us about his band.

Tell us about your band.

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The Bad Luck Gamblers

Posted by Dee-Ann On June - 22 - 2018

The Bad Luck Gamblers is a psychobilly band from Brazil formed in late 2004. Before that, Joe Marshall, was part of a rockabilly band called Crazy Legs, but he left that band to start the Bad Luck Gamblers.

I asked Joe Marshall all about their band and music.

How did your love for this music start?

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The Midniters! Interview with Steve Midniter

Posted by Dee-Ann On June - 14 - 2018
The Midniters are back with a new album and gigs in 2018. Rockabilly Online interviews founding member and songwriter Steve Midniter. 
The band originally formed back in the late 80’s in Brighton, England. After some gigs the band were signed first to Fury Records and then Razor Records. We achieved some success with our first two albums, “Easy Money” and “Walk The Line”. 

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Posted by Dee-Ann On September - 5 - 2017

Jim Jones and The Righteous Mind is a Rock n Roll band from London  that was formed about two years ago ..

The first creative sessions and recordings began immediately after the last concert of The Jim Jones Revue (my previous band).
The Righteous Mind are interested in all things Rock n Roll, which for me means the true spirit of independence ..
I am not interested in Rock and ‘Role’ ..
Role play is not Rock n Roll ..

How did your love for this music start?

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So-Cal Rocket Dynamics Antisocialite

Posted by Dee-Ann On August - 22 - 2017

Who the heck are you clowns?

I’m guitarist Matt J. Britton, and along with my pals Mark, Rich and Bobby, we are So-Cal Rocket Dynamics.  We’re kind of a rockabilly/punkabilly band from North Hollywood, California.  We just released our third indie album, Antisocialite.

Tell us about your approach to writing a rockabilly song. 

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Reach Around Rodeo Clowns Release New Video, Your Vote Counts!

Posted by Dee-Ann On September - 25 - 2015

reachThe Reach Around Rodeo Clowns follow up their critically acclaimed song and video for “King Of The Slot Car Track” with their latest video offering, “I’m Obsessed”. “King Of The Slot Car Track” won over fans with extensive radio airplay and caught the attention of award-winning author, Stephen King, who tweeted about the song and video as part as well his love of the band’s name. “King Of The Slot Car Track” also won a Boonie International Film Festival nomination for the video!

Now that they have your attention, The Reach Around Rodeo Clowns hope this new video for “I’m Obsessed” is equally frightening and thrilling. Never one to shy away from pushing the envelope, the lyrics deal with the obsessions of a stalker. Fans of late night horror movies will appreciate their take on the subject matter. The faint-of-heart might opt for watching classic Lawrence Welk videos instead. Check it out

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Bat City Surfers Interview

Posted by drew On February - 27 - 2015

bcs1The Bat City Surfers are the new kings of urban psycho-surf! Pumping out hard,hitting, horror tinged rock ‘n’ roll the band is quickly becoming one of the more popular local acts in Austin, Texas. Climb aboard our coffin shaped board and find out what this band is all about! Today we were lucky enough to grab front man Joey Muerto for a quick interview. Surf’s up ya’ll!

I know you’re a big comic book nerd like myself. So what is the origin story of Bat City Surfers?

JM: I guess our origin story is that we come from a world where man-kind evolved from bats and, after joining forces to create the ultimate surf-punk experience, we accidentally transported ourselves into this dimension during a recording experiment gone horribly wrong! This was back in 2011 and after adapting to this atmosphere and your yellow, sun we played our first gig in January, 2012.

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Posted by Dee-Ann On August - 2 - 2013

thecreepshowTHE CREEPSHOW were founded in 2005 as a  psychobilly-punkrock band in Toronto. Since that point they released three  full-length albums and played countless tours and festivals with bands like  Rancid, Tiger Army, Agnostic Front or Broilers. In 2012 singer Sarah “Sin”  Blackwood left the band, to be replaced by Kendalyn “Kenda” Legaspi during the  very same year. Now in 2013 THE CREEPSHOW are back with their great single  “Sinners & Saints” and a brand-new record called “Life After Death” which  will be released in September, 2013.



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Tuxedo Tramps about their psychobilly, neobilly style

Posted by Dee-Ann On May - 16 - 2013

423342_307089522689283_708831988_nTuxedo Tramps is a band from Salt Lake City, Utah USA. They play psychobilly, neobilly, rockabilly and good old rock and roll

Carl Harman; lead guitar, lead vox, and upright bass

Krystal Harman; guitar lead vocals and backing vocals

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Thee Gravemen

Posted by Dee-Ann On March - 28 - 2013

thee gravemen

Thee Gravemen are two English guys, Lee Tea on guitar & vocals, and Daz Trash on Drums & Screams. Wild primitive sounds from the grave!

They have been playing all over Europe now for three years and are still going strong. Releasing the 3rd 7″ vinyl single this time on Heptown Records. The A side blasts out a real stomping and strolling rock ‘n’ roll song called “Rockin in the Graveyard” while the B side is a fabulous spooky version of the late 1959 classic “Tornado”.

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Jerms Warfare: Interview with Jeremie Fletcher!

Posted by Bunny On February - 24 - 2013

Jeremie Fletcher aka Jerms Warfare is talented rockabilly and punk guitarist.  Pulling double duty with Austin “Alternabilly” girl group Danger*Cakes and horror-punk outfit A Corpse Vanishes.   Take a moment or two to get to know her better right now!



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Posted by Dee-Ann On February - 22 - 2013

swingingBack in business as well are the SWINGIN’ UTTERS from California/ USA. The west coast punkrock legend with frontman Johnny Bonnel are presenting their new record “Poorly Formed” which sounds quite grown-up, but then again, the band has been around forever.

After over 20 years as a band, including an eight year break from recording, the SWINGIN’ UTTERS return with their most polished record to date. SWINGIN’ UTTERS have become more of a punk institution than a band. As their style has shifted from classic punk to a more roots rock-oriented sound, their albums have felt increasingly like visits from old, dear friends, showing up every once in a while a little older and more comfortable with who they are, but at their core, they’re still the same bunch of guys you’ve known all along. This sentiment continues to ring true on their latest album,“Poorly Formed“. The album paints a picture of a band that’s older and wiser, delivering sage advice from the punk trenches to a younger generation that’s still trying to find their way in this world. It is the most mature-sounding record the band has released to date.

Forming in the late 80’s in California, SWINGIN’ UTTERS have been stalwarts of the punk scene and sound for many years. The SWINGIN’ UTTERS have been described as Street Punk/Folk/Oi/Hot-rod-cow-punk. With a little twang and a lot of attitude, this band has moved from sounding like they belong in the punk scene of the 1970s to a more contemporary and melodic outfit. Signing to Fat Wreck Chords in their early years, the band has been somewhat dormant for the last years. “Poorly Formed” will be co-released by People Like You Records in Europe.

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The Brains – Drunk not Dead

Posted by Rocky On October - 18 - 2012

Let me start by saying I knew the brains from their song “Screaming”. I loved the sound of the bass (of course), and the nice shot video clip( although the uncensored clip was a little dark!). You can call it a little darker side of psychobilly. The Brains are from Montreal, Canada. I got the package send to me, containing a CD and a nice poster. So I was pretty curious how this CD would sound. A summary of a few of the songs:

The intro, named Horseman, starts with rain and a drum solo. From there it immediately continues into the next song, four beast ride. Of course the song is talking about the four horseman of the apocalypse. The cd was off to a great start, I was curious for the rest.

“Take what I want” takes it a little less rough, it still sounds good! Proof that psychobilly doesn’t always have to be fast bass and lyrics you can’t hear. For the psycho’s that do love that in psychobilly, don’t worry, they are speeding up again with the next songs! “We are the Brains”, “Six Rounds, ”Oh Murder”, “Premonitions” and “High on Speed” definitely make your head bang, or wreck through the room! And I’m not even done with the track list. “Gato Calavera” and “Pourquoi Me Laisser” are in Spanish and French, I think, so I can’t really tell you much about those song, but they sound good, especially the last of the two. The cd ends with “I’m your nightmare” and “In League”. I must say I liked the guitar/bass combination in “I’m your nightmare”! And last, but not least, “In League”. A good end of a good CD!

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Demented Are Go – Welcome Back To Insanity Hall

Posted by Rocky On October - 16 - 2012

Demented Are Go, one of the first psychobilly bands, are back! Where you ask? Right back to Insanity Hall!

The Welsh psychobilly band, formed around 1982, are back in 2012 for their new album full with sick psychobilly and dirty rock and roll. When I was asked to review this album, I said that I already had it pre-ordered in march, so i already listened to it. Of course I ordered the vinyl, available in black, purple and nuclear green. Since its more their style i ordered the nuclear green one! And i also got a CD and a limited edition LP sleeve with the band on it! A short summary of some of the songs:

The intro takes you to insanity hall, and till the end your gonna stay there! Track 2, named the same as the album title, tells you your not getting out! A warm welcome to insanity hall.

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The Planet Shattering: Quakes interview

Posted by Anita On July - 4 - 2012

The Quakes logo

If you claim to be a psychobilly fan The Quakes need no introduction. They’ve been around since the 80s, rockin’ both sides of the pond (U.S.A and Europe) with style and swagger. Their new album “Planet Obscure” just came out this year and you definitely need to check out, it features everything from good old psychobilly with a more rockabilly bent to it to an instrumental cover of a Xuxa song. Who’s Xuxa you ask? Read this interview and find out! See? You learn something new every day!

1. First of all, how has this year been so far for The Quakes?
It’s been okay, the album is doing well and I have had a lot of good comments about it.

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Ghosts of Texas

Posted by drew On June - 1 - 2012

Call ’em what you will.  “Cowpunk” or “alt-country.”   The most low-down,hoedown in Austin,Texas is clearly coming from the Ghosts of Texas.   Bringing a punk rock edge to traditional country ain’t easy, but the Ghosts make it look that way.


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The Krankdaddies

Posted by christinadeath On December - 13 - 2011

The Krankdaddies

The Krankdaddies are a a Chicago based band consisting of singer Chops McClintock: Big loud Guitars, straining vocals and throat clearing and Funbags Farrell who plays stand up slapping bass and lots of spectacular yelling and Magic Mark as Nuttsy who does drums and card tricks.

This band  plays several shows throughout the Chicago land area and the suburbs.

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Becca Blood!

Posted by Bunny On December - 2 - 2011
A Texas cutie that wears many hats and packs a lot of different skills! Find out why Becca Blood is much more than a pretty face!

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Jamie Bahr on Danger*Cakes Year Two!

Posted by Bunny On November - 18 - 2011

On Halloween of 2010, a new band emerged on the Austin scene.  Fusing elements of  psychobilly, doo-wop, big band swing, and classic soul the band quickly became a fixture in the Austin rockabilly scene.  The all-female group ended their  first year with a bang, joining the likes of Mad Sin and Devil Doll at the 2nd annual Freakshow Festival.   Now, with October behind us, I thought I’d play some catch with Danger*Cake’s buxom frontwoman Jamie Bahr.



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