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Fundraising for movie: The Bloodsong (featuring Sparky)

Posted by Dee-Ann On March - 8 - 2012

Giuseppe Valentino is an Italian filmmaker working between Italy and Switzerland with a independent production company called Against The Static film. Last year I wrote and shot a music video for a band called Hillbilly Moon Explosion for a song they recorded with Mark “Sparky” Phillips, the singer of the psycobilly band Demented Are Go. The song and the video became hugely successful with more than 500.000 views on the net.
Now he’s working on a movie which is called: “The Bloodsong”

It is a film that blends documentary film making and fiction. Flashbacks of a band tour around Europe will be interconnected with scenes that take part in a desert where Sparky got lost with nothing in his pocket but a book, a biography of a punk idol named Kink Sam and a twenty dollar bill bloodstained marking a page. Sparky will play himself in this film that I like to think is an old school independent film in the tradition of John Cassavetes, essential low budget film making with strong themes of death, rage, loneliness and redemption with a strong and swinging rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack.

The Bloodsong will be financed with the savings of Against The Static Film and backers from Italy that will pay part of the pre-production. But, what they need, of course, is the money for the day by day expenses: travel, food and accommodations for the all crew that will work with no money at all.

Help Sparky get that movie going!

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Canadian Psycho

Posted by Anita On July - 5 - 2011

Have you ever wondered how people in Canada spend 9 months of the year in a frozen winter wonderland? Watch this documentary and you’ll get an answer! Or maybe not… but you will see some amazing live performances by some of Canada’s best psychobilly, horrorbilly, weirdo-billy bands! Along with exclusive interviews from band members and partcipatants in the local scene. The film was shot in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal so you’ll get a good look at those scene in paticular. For more info please check out and “like” our Facebook page. You’ll find photos, videos and updates about the progress of the film! We hope to have it in film festivals by the winter of 2012. Thanks for your support!!/pages/Canadian-Psycho/214417471910700?sk=wall
Cheers, Christina

Canadian Psycho skull logo

The Wolf Man(2010)

Posted by drew On April - 27 - 2011

Unlike most reviews I waited my good time to formally write up my opinion of this remake.  Over a year in fact.  I’m biased in it’s favor two major reasons.  One being that the original is one of my favorite films and the Wolf Man is my favorite “Universal monster.”  The second,more emotional reason is that I proposed to my fiance’ at the Austin premiere at the Alamo Drafthouse.  I will always have warm fuzzy, feelings for this movie.  There’s no way around it.


That side, it’s hard for me to imagine a film more tailor made for my sensibilities.  We have Benicio Del Toro giving an performance that’s a  tribute to horror stars of the past.  The setting is a throw back to the Hammer movies of the 50’s and 60’s.  The over the top splatter invokes 1980’s horror very well. And of course the titular anti-hero  marks the return of the “Universal Monster.”

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“Scream 4”

Posted by drew On April - 20 - 2011

“Scream 4”



Earlier today I clicked on “Box Office Mojo” to find out that “Scream 4” had bombed.  I was a bit surprised to learn this, as I watched it with quite the lively crowd of teenaged horror fiends on Friday night.  The whole experience was like a trip in the “monster movie” time machine, taking me back to 1996, experiencing the first film in a Fort Worth multi-plex.  Then to 1997, dressing up as “Ghostface” with a group of friends and going to see “Scream 2,” Only to find out that Wes Craven had beat us to the punch; melding horror-villain with audience in a surreal manner.  I was steeped in a wonderful, nostalgic vibe as the crowd around me laughed, screamed, and heckled at what was on the screen.  It’s been a long time since I can safely say a movie made me feel like a kid again.  If nothing else, the atmosphere of watching the earlier films was re-created perfectly.

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Natural Born Killers

Posted by Anita On March - 25 - 2011

Natural Born Killers

I wrote this review a couple of years ago, but it still seems relevant today.

Heard on radio this morning: (about Scarborough area in Toronto) “Oh there hasn’t been a shooting there in awhile! And by awhile I mean hours!” (laughs)

Natural Born Killers

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Posted by drew On February - 16 - 2011

One part throwback to 1960’s Beach Party movies, another part slasher film, with a plentiful helping of “drag humor” to boot, Psycho Beach Party is a pop culture cocktail that isn’t going to go down easy for everyone.  Although, the Los Straitjackets backed soundtrack will probably help those in need.

Psycho Beach Party!

The film is over a decade old, foreshadowing cult cinema’s ever growing need to pay homage to its drive-in roots.  Long before Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez got took their trip to the “Grindhouse.”  And while it might not have the polish of their B-movie homages, it’s low budget nature makes it all the more authentic in recreating the look of a 60’s beach film.

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The Awful Dr. Orlof!

Posted by drew On October - 28 - 2010

“The Awful Dr. Orlof” represents an early effort by Jess Franco.  While it’s more polished than later efforts, he’s signature peversions are on full display. The plot concerns the titular mad doctor using a blind killer to kidnap voluptous young women.  The purpose. To graft their skin onto his disfigured sister! I guess the mad scientist union’s medical insurance doesn’t cover family members.

The movie stars Howard Vernon as Orlof and he’s a really game horror movie villain.  He’s got a face that looks like boiled beef and an overly nervous demeanor.  Yet, he still manages to ooze class even when he’s perving up a scene.  While being a Franco favorite, Vernon was never a top tier horror star like some of his contemporaries.  Which is a shame, because in a better world, the guy could have been another Vincent Price or Christopher Lee.

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House of the Wolf Man

Posted by drew On October - 25 - 2010

“House of the Wolf Man” is an indie horror flick that probably escaped most people’s notice during it’s first release.  It came out around the same time as the remake of the original Wolf Man .  While it would be easy to label it a shameless attempt to cash on the brief interest in classic horror, it seems like it has it’s undead heart in the right place.  While it’s most overtly a homage to the great “monster rallies” of yore, it also pays visual homage to Everything from Monogram’s low rent horror flicks and Val Lewton’s classic gothic features.   It’s star is a very tangible link to classic horror, with a last name that sound perk interest in any monster buff. “Ron Chaney.”   Yes, that’s right, the great grandson of  the Man of a Thousand Face and the grandson of the original Wolfman himself.

I’ve seen Chaney criticized on various fan sites, but I think he’s quite good here.   He looks more like the late,great, Ernest Thesiger than either of the elder Chaneys, but has a much rougher stage presence.   I think with a little grooming, he’d make for a fine 21st century horror star.    A sort of “Hank III” of horror if you will.

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Repo The Genetic Opera Review

Posted by Anita On September - 13 - 2010

Repo! The Genetic Opera
Ever wanted to see an opera set in the not too distant future about a man who’s job description is to repossess people’s organ transplants when they’re missed a payment? Of course you have! And here’s your
chance! It’s produced and directed by the people who brought you three of the “Saw” movies. Honestly I’m not a fan at all of those movies; in fact I hate them but Repo! Did look different so I gave it a chance. I’m glad I did.

It’s funny because the director was in attendance and someone asked him if he preferred the Saw franchise or Repo, he replied without thinking it over “Repo!”. The sad fact is if you want to make a living as a filmmaker you have to make the more commercial shit unless you want to spend your daytime hours saying,
“do you want fries with that?” So leave your judgments and expectations at the door this is not like anything you’ve seen or heard. It is refreshing to see something so original up on the big screen considering all the re-makes and sequels clogging the multiplex. So not surprisingly this is a very limited release, if it’s showing at a theatre near you go see it now!

Repo! Is set in a future where a large corporation named Geneco has made a profit out of human illness and suffering kind of like our present! Failure to make payments results in repossession of your organ transplants and the Repo men are not exactly known for their gentle treatment of debt-ridden clients.

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Tales from the Grave!

Posted by Bunny On September - 7 - 2010

BELA LUGOSI LIVES!!  The iconic horror star is getting the four color treatment via “Tales from the Grave!”  We sat down with one of the crazed minds behind the return of “the Count!”

First off, tell us who you are?

I’m Kerry Gammill. I drew comic books for Marvel and DC during the
’80s and ’90s. Since then I’ve worked in movies and advertising doing
conceptual art and storyboards. I’ve always loved horror comics and
the classic horror movies of the ’30s and ’40s with stars like Bela
Lugosi, Boris Karloff and Lon Chaney, Jr. I decided to combine those
passions by getting back into comics with a new publishing company,
Monsterverse Entertainment.

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Talent Search!

Posted by drew On September - 4 - 2010

As you can tell, Rockabilly Online has grown into a two-headed monster.   This sub-site will now feature articles on comics, movies, music and other things relating to the “retro/psycho” lifestyle.   But mostly we’re looking for folks who love this stuff but want to write about it with “psycho” angle to it.   If you’d like to write for the site, contact Dee-Ann at:

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The Reaping!

Posted by drew On September - 4 - 2010

The Reaping comes to us from Dark Castle films, which in the past has made a few entertaining remakes of classic William Castle movies.  Sad to say, but they’ve never fared well with original films.  And this trend continues with a bore of a religious thriller entitled the Reaping.

The movie follows Hillary Swank as a debunker of religious “miracles”. After one of her lectures, she is approached by a man who comes from a bayou town. It seems this town is suffering through the Ten Plagues of Egypt. While this set-up is promising, nothing much is done with it.

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Horror of Dracula!

Posted by drew On August - 27 - 2010

Writing a review for something like “Horror of Dracula” is going to be tough. But I recently re-watched the film, so I’m going to give it a shot. The truth is that this film takes up a big part of my mental landscape. So before I start, here’s a little background on my relationship with this film.

When I was a kid, there were two types of horror movies; Slasher movies and Universal monster movies. Slasher movies were big, brash, and in color. The Universal horror shows were moody, gothic, and in glorious black and white. I loved both, but the two worlds never quite met. And vampires lived exclusively in the monochrome landscape that Universal offered up.

Then one dark and stormy night, I happened upon a showing of Terence Fisher’s “Horror of Dracula,” starring Christopher Lee, as the Count. I had nightmare for weeks. Bela Lugosi’s take on Dracula was very alien and distant. Creepy for sure, but nothing that I couldn’t handle, even as a small child. Christopher Lee was another matter altogether. Looking nearly seven feet tall, with blood-shot eyes, and furious body language. I thought Lee was going to leap out of the television and eat me. My young mind couldn’t imagine a more horrible figure.

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War of the Gargantuas!

Posted by drew On August - 21 - 2010

Watching vintage Japanese monster movies is accepting to be part of an alternate reality. They have their own rules, their traditions, and simply are very different from their Hollywood counterparts. War of the Gargantuas is no exception to this. In fact, it might be perfect example.

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Dracula: 2000

Posted by drew On August - 21 - 2010

Ah, Dracula…Corrupter. Destroyer. Movie star.

Bram Stoker’s immortal Count has been mutilated, mutated, and reborn endless times on the screen, and no doubt will continue to do so into this relatively young century. The mythology Stoker tapped into is as restless as the bloodsucker himself, and if there is no rest for the wicked, Dracula shouldn’t expect nice nap for a good long while.

This version of the world’s most famous Transylvanian comes to us from director Patrick Lussier and producer Wes Craven. Like the two Hammer entries I recently reviewed it’s yet again an attempt to bring Dracula (300’s Gerard Butler) and his nemesis Van Helsing (the great Christopher Plummer) into modern times, as well as putting a post-modern spin on the vampire genre a la Craven’s Scream films. Sad to say that despite some interesting bits, it’s a bumpy ride.

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The Black Scorpion!

Posted by drew On August - 20 - 2010

Essentially a “south of the border” version of Them, The Black Scorpion doesn’t hold much surprise for monster fans. An entertaining enough atomic age horror show to be sure, but nothing new if you’re a hardcore fan of these kinds of movies.

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Posted by drew On August - 19 - 2010


Little known fact about me – when I was a kid I ate up Japanese monster movies. Godzilla, Mothra, Ghidorah, were all well known in my household. And while by and large I have grown out of this, I still revisit my childhood obsession from time to time. Which brings me to an all-time favorite – Rodan!

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The Werewolf vs. the Vampire Woman (AKA Walpurgis Night)

Posted by drew On August - 18 - 2010

For whatever reason, werewolves and vampires just can’t seem to get along. This long standing in-fighting amongst creature of the night always struck me as funny. You’d think they’d team up to eat people and otherwise live in harmony. But no, that’s not on the cards, it seems. Take this 1970’s era Paul Naschy thriller for example. Werewolf anti-hero Waldemar Daninsky is killing vampires left and right – when he’s not running around gorging himself on human flesh that is.

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Friday the 13th(2009)

Posted by drew On August - 17 - 2010

I’m a huge Friday the 13th fan. Almost everyone reading this review knows this. I have a hockey mask hanging on my wall, I have a Jason Takes Manhattan poster signed by Kane Hodder, and I own several models in the image of the famous slasher. Needless to say, I’m a junkie for all things Voorhees. So as a fan, I approached this recent film with a degree of skepticism. I didn’t want my favorite franchise to be butchered.

On that note, it should be noted that I also hated Marcus Nispel’s takes on both Frankenstein and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. So yeah, I was very, very, VERY cautious when sitting down for this flick. Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised. Eschewing both the campy trappings of the previous two entries and the nihilistic leanings of the “torture porn” genre, this reboot offers good, no-frills horror. It’s gory, spooky, and above all fun. Read the rest of this entry »


Posted by drew On August - 17 - 2010

“It’s an evil fucking room.” This line is uttered relatively early on in 1408. The line is delivered with gusto by Samuel L. Jackson, proving once more that no-one can cuss quite as well as him. Strangely, his small role also proves that Jackson can channel Vincent Price better than anyone save perhaps Geoffrey Rush. But despite all that, this clever ghost story doesn’t belong to Mr. Jackson. Much of what is good about it boils down to a totally unhinged John Cusack, acting through most of the movie… totally by himself.

An evil room?

You see, the story (adapted from a Stephen King tale) involves Mike Enslin (Cusack), a skeptical writer of paranormal tourists. He’s tagged the titular room 1408 as the last chapter for his latest book. But what Enslin thinks will be a walk in the park ends up being a nosedive straight into hell. You see, room 1408 really is crawling with things that go bump in the night. And it wants to murder its latest tenant.

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