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The Fiendish Curves of Amy Villainous!

Posted by Bunny On February - 20 - 2013

Amy Villainsous is a buxom slice of rock ‘n’ roll cheesecake!  A full-figured fox who knows how to flaunt it!  I was very happy that she took some time out to answer my questions and let ya’ll get to know her better!



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Ghosts of Texas

Posted by drew On June - 1 - 2012

Call ’em what you will.  “Cowpunk” or “alt-country.”   The most low-down,hoedown in Austin,Texas is clearly coming from the Ghosts of Texas.   Bringing a punk rock edge to traditional country ain’t easy, but the Ghosts make it look that way.


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Vote “Halloween Man” in Comic Monsters awards!

Posted by Bunny On December - 28 - 2011

Regular contributor to site site, Austin scene fixture, and all around nice guy Drew Edwards is up for an “Comic Monsters” award.  Or more directly, his comic “Halloween Man” is up for an award.  We’d like to ask you to take a moment to go and vote “Halloween Man” best web comic.  It’s easy to vote at this link!    Thanks all!


Freakshow Festival:2011 Review!

Posted by Bunny On October - 19 - 2011
Hitting the right notes on a second year festival is tough.  With “Freakshow”  the first year was an extremely tough act to follow.  With both huge names on the bill and a large set-up that seemed to engulf down town Austin.  The somewhat more subdued “Freakshow” of year two, seemed to be setting itsself up for a fall.  And  when,I rolled into the make-shift fair grounds it seemed my fears were going to be confirmed.

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Freak Show Festival 2011 Interview!

Posted by drew On October - 4 - 2011

Last October some of the biggest names in psychobilly and horrorpunk gathered in Austin, Texas.  Well, the Halloween season is on us again.  Which means, the Freak Show Festival is back from the grave and ready to party! So step right up, all you cool kats and groovy kittens! I have an exclusive interview with festival runner, Rachel Simmons about this years show!


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“Scream 4”

Posted by drew On April - 20 - 2011

“Scream 4”



Earlier today I clicked on “Box Office Mojo” to find out that “Scream 4” had bombed.  I was a bit surprised to learn this, as I watched it with quite the lively crowd of teenaged horror fiends on Friday night.  The whole experience was like a trip in the “monster movie” time machine, taking me back to 1996, experiencing the first film in a Fort Worth multi-plex.  Then to 1997, dressing up as “Ghostface” with a group of friends and going to see “Scream 2,” Only to find out that Wes Craven had beat us to the punch; melding horror-villain with audience in a surreal manner.  I was steeped in a wonderful, nostalgic vibe as the crowd around me laughed, screamed, and heckled at what was on the screen.  It’s been a long time since I can safely say a movie made me feel like a kid again.  If nothing else, the atmosphere of watching the earlier films was re-created perfectly.

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Posted by drew On February - 16 - 2011

One part throwback to 1960’s Beach Party movies, another part slasher film, with a plentiful helping of “drag humor” to boot, Psycho Beach Party is a pop culture cocktail that isn’t going to go down easy for everyone.  Although, the Los Straitjackets backed soundtrack will probably help those in need.

Psycho Beach Party!

The film is over a decade old, foreshadowing cult cinema’s ever growing need to pay homage to its drive-in roots.  Long before Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez got took their trip to the “Grindhouse.”  And while it might not have the polish of their B-movie homages, it’s low budget nature makes it all the more authentic in recreating the look of a 60’s beach film.

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Eric Pigors and his Toxic Toons!

Posted by Bunny On January - 11 - 2011

Eric Pigors is a talented artist, whose eccentric style defies you to simply label it “monster” or pin-up” art.   Check ’em out below!

First off, tell us about yourself and “Toxic Toons?”

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Moonshine Gamblers

Posted by drew On January - 5 - 2011

The Moonshine Gamblers are a slick as hell r’n’r band from Europe!  Very much worthy of your attention as they plan on taking over the world with their own kick ass brand of rock! Check ’em out below!

1. First off, tell us the history of the band & who currently makes up the line-up?

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A Evening of Punk Blues at Ruta Maya

Posted by Bunny On November - 18 - 2010


I rolled up just in time to see “Treachery of Others” crank into an hour a half set of country rock.  Although many of their songs touched on the Austin music scene, I had never seen them before.  Their sound could be described as a mix of old school country and the space rock of the hippie jam bands.  Imagine if Phish produced an butt ugly kid with the Old 97’s and you’d have it about right.  Not really my thing, but their high level of energy infected me.  So soon I was rocking back and forth like a lost flower child drunk on Hank Williams Sr. 

After their set, Rockabilly Online’s very own Drew Edwards waltzed up on the stage.  Apparently the MC of the show, Edwards cut a handsome figure in a black western shirt and matching cowboy boots.  Always quick witted  he had the crowd cracking up at his jokes pretty quickly. Then he introduced the next band “Something Called Nothing.” 

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